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I had one of those “blink your eyes, shake your head, and check the calendar again” moments.  I’ve been here 3 1/2 weeks.  ONLY 3 1/2 weeks?!?  How is that possible?  How have I crammed SO MUCH STUFF into such a short time?

Let’s just jump in, shall we?

For the short time that I’ve been here, I’ve already had the pleasure of receiving, hosting, and hanging out with wonderful friends from all different phases of my life.

Two of my favorite roommates, E and B, were in town for a quick stop.  I lived with them in Boston for a combined total of 5 years…and they still love me 🙂  Nothing beats spending an evening (or two) out with those girls.  We hit up Shake Shack (my first time!) one night and Mario Batali’s Otto the other night.  Since we live on opposite coasts and it’s pretty easy to get between SF and NYC, if you’ve got 6 hours to kill for the flight, we thought of instituting an open apartment policy.  We each get a key of the other person’s place and just have to advise them that we’re on our way when we get on the plane.  6 hours notice is all we need to give.  I kind of LOVE the idea!  Girls, I’d take you on 6 minutes notice!  So fun to spend a couple nights catching up!  Come again!

The next night, my brother B came into town.  I hadn’t even been in New York a week and I can’t explain how emotional I felt seeing my older brother.  I was feeling a bit overwhelmed; I had just uprooted my life, left a place I loved, taken a new job, moved into a busy, dirty, HUGE city…and wasn’t quite sure if it was all going to work out.  I was trying to stay calm and tell myself that I was fine…but I wasn’t so sure I believed it.  So, getting to see family was so good for my soul.  We made plans to meet up at Penn Station.  As I took the subway there, I realized that we hadn’t actually designated a spot to meet…and Penn Station is HUGE! Thousands of people pour through there at a given moment!  What were we going to do?!  I walked up and down the platform where my subway stopped, just in case he was there.  He wasn’t.  I had no cell service, so I knew I had to go topside to call/text him.  I left the platform, rounded a corner, and there, at the top of some steps, was my big brother!  Found in less than 5 minutes from my arrival!  What are the odds?!?!  It was such an incredulous experience!  Whenever I need a smile on my face, I think of that unlikely, yet awesome, moment.

I decided that I needed B to see my neighborhood and my apartment so he could provide my mom an unbiased opinion on her little girl living in Harlem.  So we headed uptown to my neighborhood where I showed him around.  He was pretty impressed.  I guess the yoga studios, wine cellars, and cute cafes were indicators that this was not the Harlem of the past!  We stopped into Melba’s for some chicken and waffles.  When in Harlem, you must get soul food!  The wait time was ridiculous, so we ordered out.  Apparently, we must have ordered from the bus boy because our entire order was messed up…which we didn’t realize until we were at home opening our take-out.  LAME.

When it was time for B to head back to his hotel, I hugged him extra tight.  It just felt so great to have family there.  I almost cried when he left.

There’s more to say about guests, visitors, and friends — but I am going to split the past couple weeks into a couple posts.  Please check in again!