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Part of the reason I named my blog what I did was so I would blog weeklySigh.  Four posts in ten weeks.  You do the math.  Obviously I am having a hard time following through.  At this rate, I could hardly have even called it 12monthsinnyc.  I’ve been busy, though.  There’s so much to do and see here that there’s so little time to document most of it.  If you thought the last list of “What I’ve done lately” was long, this one beats it (and it has pictures!!).

I have:

  • volunteered at a swanky NYC gala for Women’s Initiative, a fantastic organization that assists and empowers female entrepreneurs.  Now if only the volunteers had gotten to enjoy the $1000/plate meal….
  • reconnected with wonderful friends from high school days (Hi Steve!  Hi Kelly!  Hi Tiff!).  I love how many friends come through New York!
  • Steve H & Amy
  • Enjoyed a lovely Sunday dinner, NYC-style, with seven adults, two kids, in a tiny apartment, with great food – all sitting around a coffee table in one of the host’s bedrooms (to be fair, his bed is technically in the living room).  Intimate and delightful!
  • Listened to fun stories (à la The Moth) at a church activity.  So far, all the Mormons I have met in NYC seem fairly normal.  I am fully aware that this could mean I’m just getting weirder.
  • Lunched in my work ‘hood at my favorite Vietnamese joint, Viet Café, with Jeff (see, Jeff, no initial treatment for you!!).  I cannot get enough of their noodle bowls!!
  • Spent an awesomely lazy weekend in DC visiting The Walker where we lounged, partied, and played.  I also got to reconnect with fabulous DC-ites that I don’t get to see nearly frequently enough.  Great company, great weekend.
  • Hung out with grad school friends (Hi Kyoko! Hi Carrie!).  Love hearing what my Lesley pals are up to!
  • Enjoyed a fantastic brunch with my aunts, cousin, and friends at Cookshop and a walk on the Highline.  It is always great to spend time with family!IMAG0185
  • Had Frozen Hot Chocolate and other overpriced treats at Serendipity with my good friend, K (so fun to meet S and see you, Bean!!).IMAG0155
  • Seen amazing art in situ at Five Pointz.  After that, there’s no doubt in my mind that graffiti is an art form.
  • IMAG0172IMAG0161IMAG0181
  • Gotten out of the city for Halloween festivities at The Blaze (not a gay bar) with L — all the displays were constructed out of pumpkins!  Frightfully awesome!
  • P1050759P1050763P1050811
  • Continued to celebrate a NYC Halloween by marching in the Village Halloween Parade as Rosie the Riveter.  I felt like a rockstar!!  I also met more friends [those pictured here: Flakey (as I affectionately called J), Sharknado, Shark Attack, Girl with the Pearl Earring]
  • We weren't quite sure what-who Josef was…but his face was ghastly scary!!
  • Sharknado and Shark Attack!!The Girl with the Pearl Earring
  • Found the NYC chapter of the massage school I frequented in Boston – cheap massages not too far from work: score!
  • Ate the best chicken and waffles in Harlem (in my experience, thus far) at Amy Ruth’s with J and D.
  • Had happy hour with my coworkers at Flor del Sol where I had a designated drinker for the shots that they were drinking.  On a Tuesday.  I have totally mixed feelings about being assigned a designated drinker.
  • Hosted a girls’ weekend in NYC!!  Mom, my sisters, sisters-in-law, and little Lu came to enjoy the Big Apple!  We had a great time and kept busy with Cinderella, WTC memorial, Ellis Island, Chinatown, and lots of eating out (Otto, Shake Shack, Gazala’s, Clinton Street Bakery).  Within 3 months, I will have had all immediate family (including in-laws) visit except for my dad and one brother-in-law.  I didn’t even come close that kind of turnout after six years in Boston.  What have you all got against Boston?!? 🙂
  • IMAG0263
  • Worked out hard for two intense weeks at Physique 57 — an amazing workout.  I wish I had the cash to afford their $36/class prices.  Speaking of cash….
  • Dropped $140 at Target when I had no intention of buying anything?!  How?? It’s Target, that’s how.
  • Went to the annual Harlem 1st ward Chili cook off.  It is still a little strange to be in a family ward, but I think I like it.
  • Enjoyed a Thanksgiving dessert night with new and newer friends.
  • Wandered around the McKittrick Hotel participating in the most innovative theatrical production I’ve ever experienced in Sleep No More.
    It’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure theatre experience.  And it is madness.
  • 946049_10101171813518289_1639450085_n
  • sleep_no_more_by_engleartist-d5h65bo
  • Learned how to paper marble with Jessica at the Brooklyn Brainery and topped the evening off with am amazing dinner at Fish & Sip. Always a pleasure hanging out with you, L!
  • Become incredibly grateful for being earthbound while watching Gravity at a swanky, lazy boy movie theatre; the event brought to an end one of the most entertaining FB threads I’ve ever been part of.
  • Been delighted and charmed by Peter and the Star Catcher.  My favorite line: “It’s supposed to hurt..that’s how you know it meant something.”  Touching, sad, and true.
  • Made a day-trip to the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia.  I loved their art museum!!
  • IMAG0271
  • Eaten. Out. A. Lot.
  • Been an accomplice in illegally downloading Persuasion.  K and I needed to watch it.  Immediately.  Captain Frederick Wentworth.  swoon!
  • Gotten addicted to Stitch Fix.  Ladies, if you haven’t tried it, follow the link and be prepared to have your world rocked: a personal stylist chooses clothes for you based on your likes, measurements, preferences, and then sends them to you for you to try on. You can purchase anything you like and return anything you hate (no cost for shipping). I am hooked.
  • Gotten a better handle on things at work, which is why it should come as no surprise that there are apparent changes on the horizon.  I don’t know what that means for me long-term.  Surprisingly, I feel pretty calm.  No need to get worried about speculation and things I have no control over, right?!
  • Gone running through Central Park and was bowled over by the gorgeous fall colors that I thought were proprietary to Boston in the FallIMAG0240 IMAG0244
  • Frozen my toes off after getting up at 4am to get amazing seats for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with M.  Thankfully, the company was fantastic and I had one of the most fun Thanksgivings I could have asked for.  My new friend, MB, made an awesome video…in case you need the highlights!
  • IMG_3118.
  • We did see Richard Simmons in the flesh.  Sittin’ to the Oldies…IMG_3137
  • IMG_3125
  • Santa!!  I KNOW HIM!
  • IMG_3205IMAG0285
  • Experienced Thanksgivakkuh with my dear friend, T, who invited me over for a delicious dinner with her family.  It was absolutely lovely.
  • Enjoyed the ambience of skating at Bryant Park, met new friends, and hit up the holiday window displays at the department stores.


Bergdorf Goodman NEVER disappoints and I love the Bulgari bling!


Observation: the only roadkill I see is rat roadkill.  It makes my stomach turn, but then I’m mostly glad there’s one less rat in NYC.  However, when you’re in a crowd of pedestrian traffic and no one is looking down and realizing a rat carcass is getting kicked around…..yeah.  I saw that happen.  EW!

I’m sorry that these posts are just me spewing out everything I do with lame commentary.  Someday I’ll get back to writing witty, charming posts (assuming I am capable of witty and charming posts, that is).