I was that girl who said, a YEAR ago, that I was going to blog weekly about my adventures moving to a big, crazy city.  Remember?  I said that this blog was going to be my motivation to get out and do things.  A friend commented, you pay an awfully high “cover charge” to live in this city, so you’d best take advantage of all it has to offer.  I thought, with a little accountability (ahem, you, my dear readership), I would definitely be sure to get out each week and do something awesome and report back on it.

*crickets chirping*


Guess that didn’t happen.

HOWEVER – I just celebrated my New Yorkiversary (September 19) and there’s nothing like a brand spankin’ new collection of 52 weeks to help me reset my resolve!  So…here goes!

I know “catch up” posts are kind of my thing, but lesbihonest.  Catching you up on 52 – sometimes downright awesome and sometimes painfully boring – weeks is just not gonna happen.  So, I may mention a few highlights here and there, but I’m hoping to make this more of a “present tense” blog.

And by “present tense,” I mean “recent past.” 🙂  Obvi.

I’m still trying to figure out how much I want to share in this blog.  The perfectly curated images and content that I have a tendency to post so people will think my life is 100% awesome all of the time and not pity me…. I know it may come as a surprise to some of you, but it’s not the complete picture (SHOCKER!).

Seeing that I get rather verbose, I’ll start sharing the ups and downs in the next post!  (How’s that for a teaser?!)